What could you do with 4 extra hours a week?

When everyone is being asked to do more with Less, Integrated Media Planner helps you do more with the time you have.

Media pros using the IMP tools experience a 10% time savings compared to trafficking with email, phone and spreadsheets.


  • ideation + calendar
  • content flow
  • task management
  • contracts + approvals


  • Project Management
  • Content Planning
  • Assignment Tracking
  • Invoice Control
  • Reporting
  • Integration

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  • Create & share schedules
  • Build line-ups & get story-level tracking
  • Tracking time and effort for cost accounting
  • Manage freelance/contract assignments and payments
  • Real time report
  • Use APIs to plug in existing DAM systems

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Large and small, around the world, smarter service providers are leveraging our toolset for clients who want more.

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